Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinspired Make-up Brush Storage

Like so many, I'm addicted to Pinterest.  (So many great ideas! So many pretty things to make!  I must pin them all! Pin them all!)

To justify my pinning time somewhat, I feel like I should be using some of my "Pin-spiration" to actually do something.  So I thought I would show a pinspired project that I love.

Here is the pin that inspired me:

This looked like my kind of project - cute, useful and quick to do. 

And, when going through my tubs of Christmas decorations after the holidays, I had found several strings of white iridescent beads.  I have been storing these things for probably 10 years and  I had never managed to actually string on my Christmas trees to they looked half-decent). I was seriously considering sending them off to the donation bin, when I remembered seeing the beads-as-make-up-holder idea.

I plunked a few strings of beads into one of my milk-glass containers and stuck a few brushes in there.  Success! 

I actually like the strings of beads better, since I figure that the container is inevitably going to get knocked over one of these days.  This way I won't be chasing individual beads all over the bathroon floor.