Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blocks, cats, and a vase

Lego is a great toy.  Except for the mess that it makes - and the agony of stepping on one of those little blocks (I had another b word in mind, actually, but blocks will do). 

In an attempt to keep the blocks under control, we have come up with a lego table.  It is something of a work in progress, but - since I`m not sure when more progress will actually happen - I`m going to put a picture of it up here anyway.

I found someone selling a set of a coffee-table and two end tables for $40 on Kijiji.  Real wood and very sturdy, with the added bonus of a storage shelf underneath. Sold!  We added a melamine top with a wood frame around it (providing a lip so the cats are less likely to knock the blocks off to play with), which is just sitting on top of the coffee table.  We bought 3 Lego sheets online and I glued them on with spray adhesive. Theoretically at least, we should be able to flip the top over if we want a smooth surface. 

So far, I`d say it is a smashing success.  The lego is up off the floor, the boys like to use it, and - even unpainted - it is better looking than the plastic shelf that was in the playroom as a coffee table previously.

Our kitties, Asoka and Skye looked so cute all cuddled up together that I had to take a picture of them. 

I picked up this vase at Frenchy`s in Coldbrook for $0.75.  I loved the rope texture.  It has a few chips, but I am cool with that.  Yay Frenchy`s!

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