Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flip Flops!

It has been raining for most the past three weeks and my main outdoor footwear has been my black rubber boots.  As fond as I am of those boots, I'm very ready for some nice weather.  And some colour.  And some sun on my toes (and my glaringly white legs).  The weather is still pretty grey and my toes are still undercover, but thanks to a one-day-sale at Old Navy, I'm the proud owner of 5 pairs of $1 flip flops. Colour! Yes!

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  1. Hello, I'm from N.B. and saw your comment on Restyled Home's blog and as I'm always looking for Maritime bloggers to connect with I thought I'd stop by. I love your new colourful flipflops and I love shopping at Frenchy's. There is one in Oromocto but I don't go there much. I also like Value Village ;-) Especially for vintage dishes. Sounds like you found some great deals at Guy's which is better than the regular Frenchy's. I hope you'll stop by for a visit. Blessings, Pamela