Saturday, April 16, 2011

Out of the city

The boys and I got out of the city today and headed for my sister's place.  She and her family live just down the road from my parents and the family farm where I grew up.

My boys love to play with their cousin.  And the wide open spaces to run don't hurt bit.

Supposedly it is spring, but it was cold.  My sister and I were freezing while watching the kids.

I loved these red bushes. 

I took our point and shoot camera so that the kids could take pictures (and leave Mommy's DSLR alone!).  I really like Owen's portrait of his cousin.

Owen also got one of me.  Don't you love my stylish toque?

After supper we went to my Dad's barn.  A large portion of the barn was destroyed in a fire last fall, but the repairs are done now.  It's not nearly as big as it was, but it looks good.

Inside you can see the wood that is still blackened from the fire.

The residents seem to like it just fine though.

The residents were also enjoying the tasty hay that the kids were bringing to them.

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